Urban Larsson - Selfportrait

The Art of Still Life:
Naturalism & Spirituality

Superficially seen Urban Larsson’s still lifes are just paintings of simple objects. On closer view something very different is going on. The objects depicted are there only as building blocks. It’s not their individuality that counts. There is no excessive detail and no particular item is allowed to dominate. What makes these paintings strong and intense is the unity created on a higher level. It is achieved by careful composition, balanced by a subtle play of light and shade.

For Larsson in good painting, strong naturalism is combined with spirituality. It is the feeling and thought that transcends the representation of the visible world. Mood, character and philosophical ideas are the determining forces in this process.

To the artist a good still life painting should be like a cultural icon - conveying emotions and/or concepts in a highly distilled vision of reality, thereby going beyond the objects depicted.

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